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GSoC Blog post

July 28, 2012

In the week accompanying and the weeks following the evaluation, I have been working on the implementation of Lagrange’s method to the ‘mechanics’ armory. A lot can be written on the method but  I will spare the details here for now. In terms of progress on the coding itself, I feel like I have made significant strides in completing it. I expect to open a pull request in the middle of the upcoming week on Lagrange’s method, once I have some more of the ‘kinks’ ironed out.

I’m simultaneously working on the documentation aspect mentioned on my proposal. Currently, I’m working on adding to the theoretical or ‘text-book’ documentation that mechanics has on sympy docs. Specifically, I’m working on the theoretical material of the helper functions that I have added. Ideally, I will be opening a PR for this at the same time as the PR for Lagrange but that may not happen.

I would also like to apologise for missing out on the blog post last week. There were certain extenuating circumstances with respect to my physical health that I had to deal with coupled with a failure of my internet connection (which my ISP finally resolved on Wednesday). With regards to my health- I have had a troublesome knee problem which needed surgery. I had put off the surgery until the end of August but unfortunately the situation took a turn for the worse in the week following the evaluation. Anyhow it ended with me requiring an ACL reconstruction and meniscus removal. Unexpected but I have tried hard to not let it hamper productivity as best as possible. Nonetheless I apologise for my tardiness.

In terms of the bigger picture with respect to my GSoC goals, it may look like I’m a little behind schedule but since I’m  simultaneously working on two of my goals right now which will get knocked off, in the worst case scenario, in the next two weeks. I will still have a couple more weeks to work on my final goal which is the addition and improvement of the code output functionality of mechanics. At this time, it looks like I will meet my goals and in the worst case scenario, I will be mid way through my last goal.


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  1. certik permalink

    I wish you to get well soon! Knee problems suck. How did you tear it? Running?

    I would suggest you to start pushing your changes to your own github everyday, so that other people can comment on them and help out. Simply create some work branch and push changes up at the end of the day. Then once things work, you rebase it, polish it and post a PR.

    • angadhn permalink

      Thanks! I had an ACl reconstruction in 2007. Turns out the graft was placed incorrectly. Over the course of 5 years, it resulted in a tear in my meniscus which doctors have been missing for over an year now. With the recent locking situation, I was lucky to get a new doctor who looked at an year old MRI and figured out that there was indeed a massive tear which got so unpredictable that even sitting down and getting up resulted in knee locking. I have avoided running in the last few months because I knew the problem exists but this time it happened with just getting out of a chair, as harmless as that may sound. The only fix now was to remove the meniscus and get a new ACL pronto.

      I’m meeting with Gilbert in a couple hours and we will work on the remaining bit and I will begin pushing stuff after. Apologies for the delay.

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